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It's a common thing these days for ladies to bare it all under! I mean, dress up and hit the road with no 'panty' underneath. Ok, we have different ways of looking at this; some people even go as far as judging such ladies as being wayward! In fact it has a nickname; it is called 'going commando'. But really, is there anything wrong with a lady wanting to leave her privates bare for some fresh air? After all she has some clothes on. And you won't even know if you don't have a set of preying eyes!

Her refusal to wear a pair of panties, does it mean she is going around in anticipation of a man entering there? Absolutely not. In fact, these ladies happen to be more adventurous, and trust me; you want to have an adventurous woman in your life.

In addition, there are some health benefits when not wearing at all. Here are some facts ladies should consider before ruling-out the idea of 'going commando'

1. It's comfortable.
The number one reason you should go commando is that it's, honestly, really comfortable. It's just you, your vagina and your pants getting to know each other better, hanging out like old friends, sipping glasses of wine.

2. There are no links between going commando and contracting infections.
It might feel like your bare vagina rubbing right up against the inside of your pants would create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, but that idea has long been debunked.

3. Going commando can actually help prevent infections.
If you have lots of itching and irritation down there, gynecologists actually recommend you skip wearing underwear. Some gynecologists actually found out that doing so really will decrease those feelings of discomfort. If you can't find it in you to ditch underwear during the day, try doing it at night.

4. No Visible Pant Line
We've all seen the phenomenon: A woman in tight, light-colored pants who forgets her purple granny panties are visible through her ass - in color, shape and outline - to the whole world. Say no to this problem by saying No to panties completely

5. You'll feel sexier.
Sure, some girls feel sexy in a matching lace lingerie set, but what's sexier and more risque than being fully naked under those jeans? And that little secret you have with yourself will totally up your confidence when you talk to coworkers, lecturers (clears throat), friends and that guy you have a crush on.

6. You'll feel random bursts of sexual arousal.
Having the seam of your trousers run right along your vagina can create some interesting sensations throughout the day. This will especially happen if you're wearing jeans, where the stitching is so thick, fidgeting around in a chair can rub you the wrong - or, ahem, right - way to make you feel a little unexpected warmth down there.

Facts about Ladies who don't wear underpants
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It's a common thing these days for ladies to bare it all under! I mean, dress up and hit the road with no 'panty' underneath. Ok, we have different ways of looking at this; some pe...
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