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The kidneys are an important part of the body and as such, utmost care must be taken to prevent harm from coming to them. The kidney is responsible for producing hormones, it detoxifies the blood, produces urine, absorbs vitamins and It also maintains a healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Taking good care of your health is synonymous with looking after your kidneys; therefore, you should be able to avoid habits that can damage your kidneys.

Habits that damage the kidney

The following habits can cause damage to the kidneys:

1. Not drinking enough water: for the kidneys to be properly hydrated to carry out its functions, you need to drink between 10 - 12 glasses of water every day. Failure to drink enough water will lead to concentration of the blood and the flow to the kidney will not be adequate.

2. Not emptying your bladder on time: when your bladder is full, it is important to empty it immediately as failure to do this over a long period of time can lead to kidney damage. Holding back urine in the bladder for long periods can cause the bacteria in urine to multiply quickly and cause infections.

3. Consumption of too much salt: most of the salt we eat is metabolized by the kidney, therefore taking more than the recommended daily intake of salt can put unnecessary strain on your kidneys. Excess salt in the body causes edema which increases blood pressure and the risk of having kidney failure.

4. Pain-killer abuse: using pain-killers over a long period of time is not good for the body as prolonged use of pain-killers is capable of damaging the kidneys. Avoid taking pain-killers when it is not necessary and look for natural remedies to help your body.

5. Failure to treat common infections on time: infections like common cold, tonsillitis and pharyngitis when not treated on time can trigger or aggravate kidney damage.

6. Not having enough sleep: it is important to sleep well during the night because the body repairs damaged tissue while sleeping. Sleep deprivation can cause many diseases to the body, one of such being kidney problems.

7. Consuming too much alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol: high intake of alcohol is bad for the body. It deposits acids in renal tubules and puts pressure on the kidneys. You can always enjoy a glass of wine or have a beer once in a while.

8. Not using your drugs: if you are diagnosed as having hypertension or diabetes, it is important to take your drug because these conditions cause kidney failures.

9. Eating too much protein: a diet that consists of high protein can lead to kidney damage because of the increase in the metabolic load of the kidney.

Kidney diseases are very expensive to treat; therefore you should take care not to engage in these damaging habits as lots of people die from the disease yearly. A lot of people are on the waiting list for kidney transplants but the number of donors available is limited. Any prescription medication and a lot of over the counter medicines affect the kidneys not just pain killers. As earlier stated natural remedies are the way to go, so one should take the time to do the research on their problem.

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