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Silica has been linked to strong and healthy muscles, hair, tendons, bone, cartilage and skin. The symptoms of a deficiency in silica are reflected in the condition and texture of your hair, nails, skin and gums. The health benefits of Silica are numerous, therefore to get healthy hair, strong nails, supple skin and strong gums; you need to consider incorporating silica into your diet.

Silica, also known as silicon is a combination of silicon and oxygen, which are abundant elements. It is present in the grass that animals eat and in leafy greens and onions.

Benefits of Silica to the Body

1. It enhances the function of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron which are important for bone formation in the body.

2. It prevents deformities in bone and increases the rate of healing of fractures and bone dislocations.

3. It helps to maintain the right amount of calcium-magnesium balance that is essential for bone health.

4. Silica strengthens connective tissues.

5. It plays an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis, insomnia and tuberculosis.

6. It prevents thinning of hair commonly referred to as alopecia. Taking silica encourages the growth of healthy hair which is shiny.

7. It helps prevent aluminum toxicity which has been linked to patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

8. It helps to restore the skins natural glow and help prevent brittle nails.

Food that are Sources of Silica

There are lower levels of silica in animals than plant sources. The following foods help you to increase the levels of silica in your body and they include foods like raw cabbage, unrefined cereals, unrefined grains, apples, carrots, cherries, almonds, oranges, seeds, peanuts, cucumber, onions, bananas, pumpkin, honey, mangoes, beer and red wine.

Taking Silica in Supplement Form

Taking silica in form of supplement is the best way of correcting silica deficiencies. Some silica supplement includes the following:

1. Bamboo extract supplements are the best source of getting silica. It comes from the leaves and stalks of edible grass and it contains 70% organic silica which is very good for achieving healthy hair, supple skin and strong nails. It is also 10 times more effective than horsetail silica. The best way of getting the benefits of bamboo extract is by eating bamboo shoots, which is available in some dishes or can be bought from supermarkets.

2. Horsetail silica contains 5% to 8% of organic silica in it. It is also important to find out the species of horsetail used in manufacturing the silica supplement you intend to use. The safest specie of horsetail is the Equisetum arvense while the most dangerous is the Equisetum palustre.

Taking silica supplements might not have any dangerous side effect, but before taking it, discuss it with your doctor. This is to avoid the supplement interacting with any existing condition you might have. If you have diabetes, using silica supplements can lower your blood sugar levels. If you are also taking water pills, you shouldn't use this supplement because it works as a diuretic. Avoid using silica supplements that have low levels of nicotine when you are on a nicotine replacement therapy. Using silica supplements for a long period of time can cause vitamin deficiency in the body. This is because silica supplements contain thiaminase, which is responsible for breaking down vitamin B1.

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