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When it comes to weight loss, most people want to do it fast. Probably because they have that special occasion coming up such as a holiday, wedding or birthday party. Some people want to know how you can lose weight in a week fast. But this way of losing weight is not always ideal as it can be gained as quickly days later.

If you have only got one week or less to lose weight, then you are in luck. This is because during the first week of any diet and exercise program is the time when you will see the biggest weight loss results on the scales. It is not unheard of, to lose up to 10 pounds in body weight. This is because, during the first few weeks of a healthy diet plan, the body will lose lots of water weight.

If you are currently drinking lots of coffee and soda, all you need to do is swap this for lots of clean fresh filtered water. And you will almost be guaranteed to lose a few pounds just in water weight alone. Combine this with a calorie reduced diet plan and an exercise plan. One which combines resistance training and cardiovascular exercise and you will quickly be on your way to losing lots of body weight in as little as just one week.

How To Lose Weight In A Week Quickly & Fast

You must remember though that the first week's weight loss is going to be dramatically higher than the following weeks. So donít get disheartened when you see a smaller number on the scales from week 2 onwards. You will also need to remember that losing lots of weight fast is not the key for long term weight loss results.

I know that most of you want to lose weight and you want to lose it fast. But fast weight loss means more lean muscle mass loss which is going to result in a slower metabolic rate. Which ultimately means that you will find it very easy to gain weight, once you return to a more normal way of eating. It doesnít matter how strong your willpower is, no one can keep eating a fast weight loss diet plan for long.

The ideal way to lose the most weight in a week is through following a healthy calorie reduced diet plan and through exercise. A good diet plan should consist of around 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and around 20% healthy fats. Lots of dieters totally eliminate fat from their diets. This is not only unhealthy, but it will result in slower weight loss. The human body needs fat to function, so never totally eliminate this nutrient from your diet plan.

Healthy fats include flaxseed, nuts and olive oil. Healthy carbohydrates include wholemeal pasta, bread and rice and healthy proteins are lean meats such as chicken and turkey and fish such as mackerel and salmon.

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

A week is a very short time span to lose weight, but like we mentioned earlier it is going to be the most productive period in terms of weight lost. If you are giving yourself a time span of 2 weeks to lose weight. Then it is really more of the same, continue with a calorie reduced diet plan combined with an exercise plan that burns calories and helps to build lean body mass.

One thing you must never do is going on a crash diet plan. At first, it will work and you will see a massive drop in body weight, but the weight you lose will not be body-fat. It is going to be lean muscle mass. By crash dieting, you can lose up to 20 pounds in body weight quickly. But the biggest concern is, you will actually weigh 20 pounds less but you will be much fatter.

This means that your metabolic rate will be now running slower, which means it is going to be a lot easier to gain weight in the future. The correct way to lose weight in 2 weeks, weight loss which stays off. Is to lose it through a reduction of around 500 calories each day and by burning calories off through exercise. It will also be a good idea to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Swap your traditional 3 large meals a day to around 5 to 6 smaller meals. This will help to stop your body going into starvation mode and will also help to keep your metabolic rate elevated which means more calories burn. Which is going to result in more weight lost.

How To Lose Weight In 4 Weeks

A time-span of 4 weeks is quite a decent amount of time to lose quite a lot of body weight, which is mostly going to be body fat. If you are reading this article today and you have got a time period of 4 weeks to lose weight. Then first off you will need to work out what is the daily amount of calories you need each day to maintain your current body weight. Once you have this number, drop it by 500 calories, next you will need to start exercising aim to burn another 500 calories each day with exercise. By doing this each day, you will be able to lose 2 pounds each week. I know this doesnít sound like a lot of weight to lose in a week, but multiply that number by 4 and you have got 8 pounds of body weight gone in just 4 weeks. And the best part is, this weight loss is mostly going to be body fat.

Personally, I would rather lose 8 pounds of body fat, rather than lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Which are 8 pounds of body fat and 12 pounds of lean muscle mass. I canít emphasize this enough, the more lean muscle mass your body carries the better. Your aim should be to gain or hold onto the lean muscle mass you are carrying whilst dieting. Long term weight loss results, are only going to happen if you know exactly what type of weight you are losing.

Measure your body fat percentage each week to monitor your weight loss. Using body fat calipers or body fat scales, losing body fat is much more important than just losing body weight. When thinking about how to lose weight in a week, donít think about the numbers on the scales, think about lowering the numbers of your body fat percentage.

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