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Boil is an infection on the skin that is large, hard and filled with pus in its middle. Boils start out as red painful spots on the skin, then white blood cells, protein and bacteria fill it up to form the pus in it. They are painful to the touch and may appear on different parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, chest, breast, back region, buttocks, head, scalp, groin and armpits.

Symptoms of Boils

When a boil is about to develop on your skin, it presents some symptoms, these include the following:

1. It starts as a painful spot that turns reddish on the skin.
2. It starts getting bigger and it fills up with pus in the middle making it have a whitish color.
3. It becomes tender.
4. It develops a head through which the pus drains out when it bursts.
5. It could become itchy.
6. In children, boils could lead to high fever.

What causes boils to form on the skin?

Boils infect the skin for a number of reasons and these are as follows:

1. They can be caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which enter the body via small wounds on the skin or through the hair follicle.
2. Blocked sweat glands may cause boils to form.
3. As a result of poor hygiene, boils can be formed.
4. A weak immune system.
5. Putting on tight clothes.
6. As a result of some diseases such as diabetes
7. Poor nutrition.
8. When you are having chemotherapy treatment
9. When you have been exposed to harsh chemicals

Treatment of boils naturally at home

Boils can be treated naturally in the house with some household ingredients without having to use antibiotics. Some people try to pierce the eye of the boil with a needle or press out the pus when it is tender enough. There are simple home remedies that can be used without you having to damage your skin anytime you have a boil. The following natural methods can be used to treat boils at home

1. If a boil starts developing newly on your skin especially around the eye area, applying the wax from your ear on it immediately will prevent it from becoming bigger and stop it completely.

2. Apply shea butter regularly on boils that are just developing, this will prevent them from getting bigger and eradicate it completely while applying the shea butter on the bigger boils will hasten the healing process of the boils

3. Boil some water and add some salt or Epsom salt, then dip a clean cloth in warm water to use as a warm compress. Put the warm cloth on the boil for about 10 minutes. Apply an antiseptic oil to the boil afterwards. Do this like 6 times daily.

4. Mix apple cider vinegar with water and pour on the boil to cleanse the infection within the wound, you can also drink it to cleanse your body from within.

5. Onion and garlic have antibacterial properties, therefore cut some and place around the boil and cover with a bandage. When you want to remove the bandage, moisten it so it doesn't stick to the boil.

By applying any or a combination of these methods, you can successfully treat boils at home without using antibiotics.

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