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When a couple is trying for a baby and they are not able to get pregnant on time, it becomes a source of worry.

Having intercourse around and during your ovulating period is a good way for you to get pregnant fast but there are some things you can do differently that can also aid you in getting pregnant on time.

The following are things you should do to increase your chances of conception.

1. Are you overweight or underweight? Weight is a big factor to be considered when trying to conceive, this is because a healthy weight can help you conceive faster. Excess weight can cause the overproduction of some hormone which can interfere with the ovulation period in women.

2. Men should protect their sperm from heat. Doctors have recommended that men should stay away from hot tubs even day in day out even if they do not have fertility problems. This is because studies have shown that exposing the testicles repeatedly to hot temperatures can adversely affected men's fertility. Also, men should desist from putting their laptops on their laps for long periods. This is because the laptop brings out heat which is capable of affecting their fertility.

3. Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake as too much of it can impair fertility in women. Alcohol can lower the levels of estrogen in women and can interfere with the implantation of egg. Caffeine can affect hormone level and affect the ability to conceive on time.

4. Stay away from pesticides and herbicides. They are capable of reducing male fertility. In females they alter the menstrualcycle and inhibit the functions of the ovaries.

5. Quit smoking if you do. This is because the toxins contained in it damages women's eggs, interfere with fertilization and implantation of eggs. Smoking also causes ageing of the ovary and it becomes less fertile. As a matter of fact, smoking can cause permanent damage to your fertility. Kicking the habit will however, help you get back some ovarian function.

6. Choose the right lubricants. When you have intercourse often, the need also arises for the use of lubricants. Some types of lubricant may decrease your fertility; therefore it is important to choose wisely. Some oils like peanut oil, vegetable, canola, mineral oils and baby oils are good for you. Pre-Seed is also a good lubricant which can be used when you are trying for a baby. Try to avoid water based lubricant because they can hinder the motility of the sperm.

7. Learn to manage stress by using relaxations techniques. Stress can disrupt the body’s hormone production and also disrupt your menstrual cycle.

8. Take advantage of your fertile window. Having intercourse three days before your ovulation can boost your chances of getting pregnant on time. There is no need of waiting for the day you are ovulating before having intercourse. To know when you are ovulating, it is best to track your ovulation using the calendar or an ovulation prediction tool.

Eating well is also an important factor to be considered when trying to conceive. Eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, iron and zinc. A deficiency of these essential nutrients can hinder your ability to be able to conceive on time.

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