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Eating processed foods leads to people getting fat and sick.Every time a population adapts to a western diet which is highly processed, they get sick.Food processing such as freezing drying, cooking,roasting and frying may lead to loss of vital food nutrients which may be mostly vitamins. Majority of processed food are loaded with sugar and you know that sugar is empty calories - it has no essential nutrients and excess intake of it by elderly people may lead to diabetes. Even though it has a large amount of energy.


Processed foods can lead to over consumption
Like everybody wants to eat good food, it is natural. Our feedings gravitates towards foods that are sweet, salty and fatty because we believe that such food contains energy and nutrients that we need for survival. Although if food manufacturers wants people to patronize them, they need their product to taste good. So, they put all kinds of things in the food during production which may pose a threat to the body.

In the world today, there are many manufacturers competing each other and it has resulted in the production of different things which may be harmful to the body.

Processed food are often high in refined carbohydrates
The carbohydrates you may see in processed foods are usually refined "simple " carbohydrates.These lead to rapid spike in blood sugar and insulin levels and it may lead to negative health effects.

Most processed food are low in nutrients
Due to the high competition between manufacturers, they produce all kinds of things and sell to well meaning individuals. They don't think of the side effect of there products to the body. Processed food are extremely low in essential nutrients compared to whole, unprocessed food. Sometimes, they add synthetic vitamins and minerals just to compensate for what was lost during processing.

Processing processed food
Looking at the case of frying when processing food, the food becomes difficult to digest and the chemical composition of the oil is changed which could be harmful to the body. Also, raw fruits and vegetables or fairly processed food are the most recommended because it will give you the required nutrients you need for a healthy living. Vegetables like onions, garlic, ginger and mushroom prevent or slow down tumour growth. Furthermore processed food are not food. They are made in the lab by people in lab coat.

In general, most processed foods contain soy or corn. And processed food also contain pesticide which are harmful to the body. Your body burns more calories processing real foods. They are food with less fibre and more sugar and it makes you feel yucky. People don't know that what they eat has a direct impact on future diseases and health issues. There is overwhelming evidence now that shows eating a diet high in processed foods with the chemicals and preservatives that are in them, have a direct link to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

In conclusion, avoid eating processed food always. Eat more of fruits that are good for the body. Eat real beverages that helps in growth. beverages will be limited to water, coffee,tea, rice or coconut. This means fruit juice containing only fruits and water. Cut out fast food and deep fried foods as much as possible. Cut out foods labelled high- fats, and eat non- fat products.Consume 100 percent whole grain or grain breads. Stop eating when you feel full. And also cut out refined or artificial sweeteners. Reduce the rate you eat refined oils and don't fail to eat local foods.

Doing the above things will help you to live longer and healthy. It will reduce the rate of contacting some illness like diabetes or heart diseases. Always eat fruits and vegetables as substitute for processed foods.

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Eating processed foods leads to people getting fat and sick.Every time a population adapts to a western diet which is highly processed, they get sick.Food processing such as freezi...

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